Concord Adult Baseball Club

On July 4, 1879, the Concord Baseball Club played a team from Boston on the Concord Grounds, located directly behind the train Depot on Thoreau Street. In April 2011, this program was resurrected. Now approaching its fifth season, the Concord Baseball Club appeals to men over the age of 45 who have never outgrown their love for the game. The group gathers on the Emerson ball field one or two mornings a week, early April through end of October.

It’s a very relaxed, unstructured program that features long toss, batting practice, shagging fly balls and infield drills. With stronger numbers, we will be able to 

The club is actively seeking new members from the area to join the 25 men currently listed on the roster. There is no fee involved. It just requires a baseball glove. The group purchases bats and baseballs. We are grateful to the Concord Recreation Department for ongoing support.